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for your projects

Krates is a HTTP based JSON database service for free to help you get started with your projects easily!

How Krates works?

Krates provides a REST API that you can use to make requests and store your JSON based data easily.

Create a new Krate

Visit the dashboard and create a new krate. Each krate gets an unique ID.

Store your data

Make HTTP network requests suchs as POST to store data in the krate or a separate collection.

Modify your data

Modify or delete data using PUT or DELETE requests on a krate, a collection or even an individual record.

Retreive your Data

Query your data using GET request from a krate or a collection. Add sort, filter, limit to query the data.

Krates is


Zero configuration required and super easy to use.


Krates is completely free to use and always will be

Lightning Fast

Saving your data is just a HTTP request away.

Backend Agnostic

Use krates with a backend server or directly from the browser.

Host your own instance

Use Krates as a free service or host your own instance.

Protected Krates

Protect you krates from unauthorized access.

Love Krates?

Krates is fully open-source , if you like it please leave a star on github.

If you'd like to contribute to Krates feel free to raise a PR.